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vector project

Jennifer Grimm
Vector drawing
Bell 3
November 3, 2006
Artist statement

For my vector portrait I wanted to make a simple yet structured photo representing me in a different light. I wanted my work to show a side of me that is usually unseen and unknown by others around me. At first I was going to create a more complex and detailed photo but after careful deliberation I decided to take a more symbolic approach.
My original sketches were of several different ideas, such as, a head and body shot with swirls and curves, a face close up and myself as a tree. The day that we had stated this project I was dressed in my in my kimono for international day so in my picture I wanted to incorporate my dress and the Japanese vibe. Furthermore, I wanted to join my idea of becoming a tree with the Asian feel.
When starting my final product I outlined the structure of my dress with a black organic pencil line to bring a nature drawing feel to my piece. My arms and legs and face were also outlined with the same pencil tool but with different sizes to create variation and depth. For my hair I used several colors of brown to create the illusion of depth in my hair. For the facial structure I wanted to use simple gesture to pull out the basic form of my face. My face has little detail and few lines but you can still see qualities about my face that I have.
After I created my basic figure I had to incorporate my original idea of a tree into my photo. I used a photo of a tree and created branches with a thing sketchy line to create texture on the bark. For the leaves I used the same pencil tool but I used less fine lines to make the leaves seem flowing and alive. In my back ground I wanted to bring out the Asian theme and incorporate a very structured well know symbol to bring my point across. I vector-ized a picture of a dragon that stretched across my entire background and in my dress where I altered the colors between the background and the dress, making the picture and theme draw together. For a final touch I added my name in Japanese.
I enjoyed this project and learned a lot about the illustrator program. I am also no accustom to creating such simple art, but I enjoyed being able to create a photo with simple lines and gestures. At times I felt this project was a little difficult because this program is a lot harder to use over Photoshop. Overall I enjoyed creating my work and am quite proud of what I have made.

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Ex libris

Eye Shadow
Artist statement

Before I attempted to create my Ex Libris I had to decide in what manner I was going to portray my piece. After hearing about the different ways I could make my art I decided on the strategy of art Nouveau. This way I could bring my personal love for detail into my design.

For my original sketch I wanted to bring flow and curve so I looked trough a fashion magazine to find a picture to use as an example. I came across a model in a beautiful high fashion dress that I believed I could create as art nouveau. As time went on, I began to lose interest in my current drawing so I came to the conclusion to attempt a new idea.

For my second sketch I wanted to draw something I was good at drawing and enjoyed drawing, but that could have a lot of movement and color. I started to draw an elaborate, colorful eye with curvy and flowing lashes. As I bettered my drawing I incorporated my test in to the eyelashes of my drawing.

For color I used several colors with different hues to create the illusion of depth.
As for my finish product, I believe it turned out well. I like the different values created by the colors and movement created by the abstract swirls. Overall I really enjoyed this project because I go to further my learning in illustrator.


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